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The Sun Wheelers’ demographical center is Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our purpose is to have fun. We presently schedule 10 rallies in a year, with none scheduled during the months of July and August. Our monthly rallies are scheduled at locations normally within 125 to 150 miles from Jacksonville, FL, although there are some exceptions to the rule. These rallies usually occur on the second weekend of the month and require reservations/confirmations two weeks in advance for planning purposes. A typical rally weekend begins with folks arriving on Friday (or earlier as a personal preference) with an attitude adjustment time and a group going out to dinner that evening (Dutch Treat). Saturday morning sees us gather for a group breakfast, followed usually by a crafting session. In the afternoon we have a Happy Hour and then dinner followed by a short business meeting. The meeting is followed by cards and puzzling. Sunday morning we have a continental style breakfast together, followed by the horrible task of say goodbye for another month. There is a group that plays golf and they usually arrive early in order to hit one of the local links on Friday morning. If you would like to attend one of our outings simply give me a call, drop a card or send an email in this direction and we’ll make the arrangements with the hosts for confirmations/reservations. It is our policy to require prospective new members to participate in at least one rally with their coach before submitting their application to join the Sun Wheelers. In that way you can get to know us and we can have the opportunity to get to know you. All rallies are open to prospective members with the exception of the Christmas Rally which is a Chapter Members Only event.

Phone: 904-673-2233
Email: dbmman@bellsouth.netCHAPTER INFORMATION

SCOPE: Florida
AREA ASSOCIATION: Southeast Area Motor Coach Association, Inc.
CHARTERED DATE: 04-26-1974