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Florida Crackers
We are a friendly group of folks (both couples and singles) who enjoys getting together for fellowship, laughter, and activities at or near campgrounds within an approximate 150-mile radius of Central Florida. We have a wonderful wagonmaster who is exceptional at finding us great deals. We enjoy checking out nearby entertainment and activities, playing various games, and gathering for happy hours and meal times. A crowd favorite is often our kangaroo race originated since many of our members were current or former Bounder owners. Several breakfasts and evening meals are typically included in our reasonable rally prices. Our rallies run Monday through Friday once a month from November through April. Our members live in many counties predominantly across the center of Florida so you might even find a familiar face among us. We encourage you to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Blog of the Florida Cracker Chapter of FMCA

Sand Dollar Chapter


Formed in the 80’s, the chapter provides motor home owners a way to get together in the Southwestern part of Florida.  Many of the members reside in and around Tampa including surrounding cities. To see scheduled rallies, go to the link below. There is a contact page on the web site should there be interest to participate in a rally.

 Our web site URL is:


Gulf Coast Pelicans


Gulf Coast Pelicans was chartered by FMCA in September 1995.

Our membership averages about 120 members.  We hold rallies and activities primarily in Southwest Florida.  However, we also hold events as far South as the Florida Keys, as far North as the Orlando area and as far East as the East Coast of Florida.  In addition, we participate in many FMCA activities throughout the U.S.

Our dues (as of January 2018) are just $10.00/year.  To become a GCP member, one must first be a paid member of FMCA.  All those who qualify for FMCA membership are invited to join our chapter.

We offer a full schedule of rallies and activities.  Because of the nature of our South Florida “season”, more activities are offered in the “in season” months than in the summer months.

We enjoy each others’ company, have fun, support each other and share motor homing secrets, stories and tall tales.  Plus, we welcome new members!  Please join us.


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